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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 27

Another late night.  I started writing as soon as the football game went off.  I wish I’d been able to go down to the ballpark.  I haven’t been to a Monday night game since 2011 vs. the Jets.  That was a fun game and a wonderful night.  I still had fun reading and writing tonight, though.  That’s always fun.

Today’s output: 1560 words. That brings me to 53918 words total .  Average words per day: 1996.

What helped today:

Taking cat naps during the football game.  I thought our offense might have been doing the same.

What I discovered today:

Rediscovered how I used to deal with hiding and vulnerability when I was first learning acting.  Also, discovered some of how I lost what I’d learned and how that has affected me since then.

What else was good:

Newly brewed tea.