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What I’m doing:
  • Working on two full length plays. Both connected to my most recent play.
  • Blogging on this site, sometimes.
  • Morning Pages, still. Great to start each day in quiet with my notebook.
  • Working on a couple of nonfiction book projects I’ve had going for a couple of years. Time to finish, get them shipped somehow, and move on.
What I’m reading:
  • The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. This is a reread from last year. Long story on that. Might blog about it. We’ll see.
What I’m watching:

Watching a lot of YouTube as I learn more about photography and videography. I might start sitting in front of ye olde webcam and putting the results online. And lots of Forged in Fire and The Butcher.


(as of 6/21/19)

This Now page was inspired by Derek Sivers.