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Originally, I considered discussing how long I’ve been working in technology. Long enough to have supported Windows 3.1 machines and dot matrix printers. But technology changes so quickly, what I did even 7+ years ago feels like ancient history. My story is evolution. Supporting desktops and servers has grown to include mobile and cloud. Being familiar with Windows and MacOS now includes Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android. O365 and Google Docs. Managing wireless access points and routers. On premise PBX boxes now residing offsite.

I enjoy consulting with small-to-medium sized businesses, especially nonprofits, as well as individuals, to develop their technology capabilities and strategy. Recently, I’ve been working with podcasters to develop their websites, purchase equipment, and record, edit, and deliver their shows. I’ve also helped with social media strategy as well as the tools to publicize their shows on social media and interact with their audiences.

I’m currently doing a good deal of Salesforce consulting and implementation work. I’ve been involved in several development and conversion projects on the Salesforce platform.

If you or your organization’s goals sound like a fit with my experience and expertise, I’d love talk to you to find out if I can help you. Please click Contact and fill out the form and I’ll get back to you.