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NaBloPoMo – Day 1

So just before midnight Saturday night, I plug in my trusted Dell laptop, the one with Scrivener, to make my final preparations for all of the writing I’m going to do this month and … it won’t charge.

I try it again.  Nothing.  The laptop is at 10%.  I try plugging it into a different power surge.  Nope.  I try my little travel power surge.  It keeps the computer going at first, but won’t charge the battery at all.  I try my other little travel surge.  Now nothing.  The light is on, but now the computer won’t charge, won’t allow at least run on AC power alone.

It’s 10 PM.  I shouldn’t have procrastinated, but I did and now I can’t set up my projects; soon I won’t have access to any of the notes or outlines I’ve done.  In previous years, I might have taken that as a sign that my arms weren’t long enough for my reach.

Instead, I just calmed down, took out my little go-to guy, my Chromebook and at midnight, opened up my writing app and got busy.  I got a thousand or so words done Saturday night.

Sunday was slower.  By 10, I was up watching the Chiefs beat up on the poor Lions and by the time that was over, it was time for the Ravens (who won, although some said after the game that the Chargers were the best 2-6 team ever, even though the Ravens had just gone to 2-6 by beating them).  So the writing was slower and it took many more hours to get done, but done it got.  I’m just, admittedly, posting this stuff after the fact.  (How this ties into my main laptop being unavailable is a long story, but suffice it to say, my preference was to not upset my current system and so I’m posting these late, even if I’ve written them on time.  Scout’s honor.)

Part of the reason Sunday was slow was the desk issue (not having one).  I really need to remedy that soon.  And I need to sacrifice some football after the Ravens are done playing.  I’m glad their bye week is next week.  I can allow myself to ignore football for a good portion of the day to keep the writing going.