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Five Things – 29 October 2015


November Writing: Finally came to the idea of writing essays based on questions.  It’s probably a fallback option, but I wasn’t really feeling writing a larger work.  The whole project feels much less daunting.  It’s still an average of 1600 or so words every day, 90 minutes or so every day at my pace, for 30 days, but none of the words ever have to be related to the ones before.  Or the ones after.  No narrative arc.  No through-line.  Just a new writing adventure each day.  Feels liberating, even as I still must show up every day to make it work.


I said a couple of weeks ago that I might document the whole process.  I am.  One of my immediate writing goals and reasons for taking part in this is to build my daily writing practice back up.  To that end, in addition to the above work I’m going to complete, I’m committing to 30 writing blog entries during November.

I was finally completing my signup for National Nonfiction Writing Month and saw that one of the other participants was also doing both the NaNoFiWriMo and a blogging challenge.  I thought, hey, I can do that, too.  I checked it out and with the only requirement being to post something to your blog everyday (no word counts), I figured I could do it.  Besides, the whole point is to build up a habit.  It’s more work, so instead of just 90 minutes per day around my job, I’ll be writing 2 1/2 hours.


And on top of all of this writing, I’m participating in a writing bootcamp next month.  The bootcamp is several hours of one day, so that’s going to be a heavy writing day.  But given my experiences at the last one I went to, this one should be well worth it.


Things were looking much better for the Mets last week.  A 2-0 series isn’t necessarily over, but it’s going to be a challenge getting back.  Especially since they have to beat the Royals at least once in Kansas City to win the whole thing.  Too bad I can’t get tickets.  I know where I’d want to go as soon as I got in town.


Just enjoying the ride with the Ravens.  Joe Flacco said this week that Baltimore is “entitled to good football.”  I won’t argue with that and if they turn things around, it’s all good.  And if they don’t, that’s all good, too.  If we can use the franchise track record as a guide, I can expect them to be back at the top soon.  Ravens fans have had good football the majority of the last 20 years, so this being a down season is nothing.  Besides, things could be worse — we could all have been fans of the Landover team over that same time period.