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NaBloPoMo – Day 2

Day 2

Back to the office.  I should have read that book on how to balance you writer life with having a day job.  While I’m reading slides about the Salesforce Winter 16 release and filling out a spreadsheet (for something I can’t mention, even though nobody I work with reads this site), I’m constantly thinking about getting back into my Chromebook and writing again.

Back in the day at one of my old jobs, I used to have to cover the front desk for the receptionists when they took their lunch.  When I was asked to do this, I groaned for the first 15 seconds until I realized that I could use that time to write.  I had a notebook and pens with me that day and from that day until the day I left there, that’s what I did.  Receptionist go to lunch, I sit up there and write.  That was sweet.

At this job, they have receptionist coverage and I’d probably have to do my usual work up at the front, so there’s zero chance I’d ever even consider asking to go up there.  I just have to  find the time I find now to crack open my notebook or Chromebook when I’m on lunch myself.

Or just wait until I get off like today.  Run home or to the library as quickly as I can and work there.

This is the life.


Baseball is mercifully over, now.  This was excruciating if you were rooting for the Mets in the least.  How many blown leads?  How many chances to put these games away that didn’t pan out?  When you could have legit won but made so many mistakes that you played yourself out of it, that’s the kind of thing that stays with you.  And the fans.

The Mets will open 2016 with two games in Kansas City.  Here’s to Noah Syndergaard starting one of those.  High and tight.