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My Favorite Consist – 16 March 2021

Today’s inspiration:

The technique and artistry of this.

Today’s joy:

My little cousin texted me to check up on me and see how I’ve been doing. I’m not used to that from the under-30 crew these days.

A past joy:

I don’t miss working in an office, and especially if that office is in D.C., but I do miss catching the train. Walking through Union Station. Eating lunch there. There used to be a great Indian restaurant in there on the restaurant one level down from the Amtrak (and MARC and VRE) concourse level, that served the best mango lassi anywhere. Amtrak unveiled the original Acela trainsets while I was working in D.C. and I walked through one the day they started running. If I remember correctly, MARC also began rolling out the Kawasaki MARC III bilevel trainsets around the same time. Those became my favorite ever trainsets.

And the boarding process at Union Station for commuter trains is nowhere near as insane as trying to get New Jersey Transit trains at Penn Station New York.