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Common Things – 15 March 2021

Today’s inspiration:

Monday weekly creativity prayer call. A lot was said. A lot I needed to hear.

Today’s joy:

Being able to slow down some and breathe more. Get quiet more.

A past joy:

Watching a performance where a grown adult was pushed around in the basket of a shopping cart, then lifted out of it and placed into an automobile. It was hilarious mostly because they were pushed quite a distance and I was wondering how this was all going to end. Other weird stuff had happened as well. You had to be there, I guess.

Speaking of my commonplace book idea, back in 2016, at the Chesapeake Writers Conference, I took a bunch of notes. I was taking notes like my entire reason for being there had been to just sit around and take notes. I even took notes at the opening convocation. Took them in all of our workshops and lectures.

When I got back, I scanned every page of my handwritten notes, printed them at my job, and put them into plastic page protectors. Put the page protectors inside of a three prong folder. I put the notebook that I took the notes in, inside of the folder, too. And there, the whole entire package stays to this day. That’s definitely part of the idea of this commonplace book.

I really should have become a librarian.