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Five Things – 14 March 2021

Yes, I’m happy about Daylight Savings Time.








The question was simple enough –too simple, in fact– so I’ll just name three of my favorite Denzel performances.

  • Malcolm X
  • Mo Betta Blues
  • Fences

I want to create a “commonplace book.”  I’ve noticed that a lot of what I want to put into it is digital — tweets like the one I put into yesterday’s post, clips from web pages, snippets from books I own in electronic form.  Even scanned versions of notes that I’ve digitized.  So, I’m searching for an app I can use to form the book digitally.

But I also want to have a paper copy and that might mean getting a binder and even more plastic page protectors.  Print out the electronic snippets that I collect, scan my handwritten notes that I take or that I write in my journal and such.

It’s not an immediate project, but I had been leaving bookmarks and other ways to mark places in my journals that I want to come back to down the line for my writing.

I should have become a librarian.

I don’t watch The Walking Dead closely –episodes here and there throughout the show’s run– but I’m fascinated by the fact that Seth Gilliam’s Father Gabriel character wears his clerical dress despite the obvious dissolution of the Church and I guess, all organized religion, in the zombie apocalypse on that show.  It’s probably been addressed by the character at one point another, but I imagine that he continues to wear it as a reminder of the old world, which is probably seen as much better than the one that the characters find themselves in, as well as of his own faith, which he may or may not struggle, or have struggled, to retain.  It’s interesting that in this world, religion is almost a relic and he’s a reminder of that.

Had pizza on pi day.  It counts.

Today’s inspiration:





Today’s joy:

Sunday baseball.  Even if it’s Spring Training.

A past joy:

Entering a scene.