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Some Later Things – 17 March 2021

Today’s inspiration:

No more hiding








Today’s joy:

Sleeping later than usual.  It meant a late start on all the writing I had to do, but it felt good to sleep as long as I could.  It was a cold morning and I appreciated staying under that comforter until the last possible minute.  I felt a lot of gratitude to be able to do that.  

A past joy:

In my younger years, March 1 was always the beginning of baseball, whether it was tryouts or getting into the mindset of actually playing baseball.  I never, ever stopped thinking about baseball, but as with all things, there’s a time for it and by this time of the month, high school ball would be almost about to start and before then, I’d be taking my glove out to oil it, getting ready to check my cleats out, all that.  Even when really cold out.  I think one year, it snowed in April and we had to postpone games.  That didn’t matter because just being there in uniform and playing was all that mattered.

It looks like Baltimore City Public School System is going forward with Spring sports, but with plenty of rules and regulations, given the state of things.  This year, there won’t be any fans at any sporting events, not even parents, from what I understand.  Participants will have to adhere to masking and some other rules; I didn’t read them all.  The main thing for me is there won’t be fans present.  I enjoyed going and taking pics of games the other year and I was hoping to go to at least a couple of City baseball games since sports are going forward, but that’s not happening.  There’s always next year for that.  I can still keep up with scores and root for the current generation of Knights via Twitter.  The still reigning and defending Baltimore City champions.