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this can be a mess – 13 march 2021

Today’s inspiration:

Aren't you glad you chose yourself?







Today’s joy:

First time in a long time that I started a poem from a list.  First time in a long time that I’ve started a poem at all.

A past joy:

Playing Uno all night on the porch.

In our creativity circle this morning, we talked about hiding.  One of the members of the group talked about their background, how they were raised, their social circle, and how that contributed to them hiding.  And they’ve been struggling with putting their work out there out of fear of being rejected by those people in their family and friend circle.

It really goes back to the question that Dr. Thema asks in that tweet.  

It can be difficult.  It can be messy.  People get used to you being a certain kind of way with them and they don’t want to see you any other kind of way.  And if you’re doing something new, something that’s out of the millieu in which you’ve existed with those people, they may not like it.  They’re not ready to experience you in that way.  Sometimes we go the opposite way and hide ourselves to avoid having to be that person in front of those people, which can cause unhappiness with you, since you know you’re not being yourself.

It’s an issue I’ve struggled mightily with.  Even recently

So, it goes back to that question.