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The Arts of Living – 12 April 2021

Today’s inspiration:

Had a great conversation in the creativity circle about confidence and belief in one’s self and the work that you’re doing. About not looking outside of yourself for permission, not giving that power to others.

Today’s joy:

Today is my cousins’ Allan and Raquel’s wedding anniversary. 18 years, 3 beautiful daughters and still going.

A past joy:

It’s a long story and I’ll have to write a longer version of it one day, but helping out at the audition of a then-local writer and director who had written a movie. I enjoyed sitting with him on that side of the audition table, but one of the actors came in and for her read, she requested for me to participate in her read. The scene was a mother holding her son, so I was her son for her read. Someone else got the role, though, if I remember correctly. The whole thing was completely against protocol and we told her that was probably the only audition she’d ever get in her entire life where she’d be able to do that. I’m not even sure why either the director or I agreed to do this. It was probably late in the day and he already had someone else in mind. There was no reason for it and it was ridiculous, but I did it and it was hilarious. Thankfully, no tape exists of this.