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Staying Up Writing – 11 April 2021

Today’s inspiration:

give thanks for nourishing spaces and relationships








And even more thanks for when ones that aren’t, reveal themselves as such, and move out of your life.

Today’s joy:

I’d been having some discomfort with the pens I’ve been using.  They’re all one kind, but I did find one earlier that felt really good on the pages of my journal.  I don’t know how it is for other writers, but that means a lot to me, since I write a lot of things by hand. 

A past joy:

I watched some old news openings for local Baltimore TV stations earlier.  They reminded me of a past joy: staying up late past my bedtime when I had one.  Even if I was watching the news –and I always would, mostly for the weather and sports– I was up when I wasn’t supposed to be.  That was always fun.