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First Snow

Definitely not used to it snowing this early in the season in Baltimore. As I always tell people, I’m not used to the first snow of the season coming until after the first of the calendar year. As it turns out, my gut feeling matches the reality behind early snow in this part of the world.

The storm wasn’t a Nor’easter, but it’s set records and we took a good shot with snow (amounts varied around Maryland) and the other elements of the dreaded “wintry mix” as well as plain old rain and wind. I stepped out for a little while during the rain to get my yak trax out of the car. Rain was nice and cold and raw. I was very happy to get back inside. Felt like January. I’ll be glad when it gets back into the 50’s next week.

Still, things could have been worse.

Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for the Port Authority Board in their study of an expanded Port Authority Bus Terminal within NYC, especially at the current location. Increased space wouldn’t have helped on a day like today, as the traffic was so bad in New Jersey. The Port Authority, MTA, and New Jersey Transit really need to consider another rail link, possibly an already discussed expansion of the #7 NYC Subway line, somewhere in New Jersey, along with a bus terminal there. I know one of the considerations is that quite a few commuters have one- or two-seat commutes and a solution that ends up with adding another seat, are less than ideal. However, on days like today, I imagine folks would rather have another viable way home, whether there are a couple of transfers or not, rather than being stuck inside the terminal and told to find another way home.

A total mess.

A strange day when transit functions worse up in New York and New Jersey than here in Maryland.

Writer, et. al.