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Posted a Couple of Poems

As usual, I have a long story about the subject, but the condensed version is that I have been given a challenge, a mandate to share more of my work, just for the sake of doing so.  I’m exploring my creativity again, for its own sake, ars gratia artis, and just putting it out there.  Hence, I posted a few poems.

Most wouldn’t know it from this site or any of my social media accounts, but there was a time when I was a true and confirmed poet.  Poetry is how I first fell in love with language.  Long before I loved drama.  Way long before I loved the essay.   At some point, I fell out of love with poetry.  For numerous reasons.  I’ll explore those one day.  But I did.  I stopped writing poems for years.  Earlier this year, I decided to give my poetry another chance and started writing again.  I’ve been sending some out, looking for publication.  

But, I accepted a challenge to put work out, even if I felt self-conscious, anxious, whatever.  So, I’m putting more poems out these days, most likely right here.  The few that I’ve posted tonight are a bit older and have already been published.  A colleague of mine, when he was running a literary magazine, published them.  The journal and its site are long gone from the web, so I figured I’d put them up again.

Writer, et. al.