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NaBloPoMo – Day 9

Day 9

What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin?

The very first thing I do is go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

Without being able to remember for sure –because my exact morning routine isn’t something I ever thought to try to remember– I’d say I’ve probably always gone to the bathroom and brushed my teeth first thing in the morning after hitting the snooze button 73 times.

It would make sense.  Often times, upon waking up, I have to … go to the bathroom.  This has probably been the case for a long time.  I do enjoy a drink of water or tea before retiring to sleep.  I also sleep with water next to me because sometimes, I get thirsty during the night.  And when I do partake of a sip or two of water during the night, I sometimes have to … go to the bathroom when I wake up.

I probably have always brushed my teeth first thing in the morning.  Some of my elementary and middle school classmates used to speculate to the contrary, but I assure anyone reading this that the opposite was never, nor has ever been the case.  Those kids never were home with me in the morning and never met my mother, nor did they know her rules.  I’ll leave that there.

In more recent days, I have to brush before I write.  I write morning pages first thing in the morning and I can not write with morning breath.  It’s a distraction.  So I hit the bathroom and do my dirty, sinful business before continuing onto the sublime joy that is writing first thing in the morning.  Or second thing.

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

Overspending on books.  I no longer feel guilty about it because I buy a lot of Kindle books now and I won’t be over burdening myself during future moves.