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Crossing Over – 20 March 2021

Today’s inspiration:

Watching a bunch of videos of people driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and of people driving around Ocean City.  Looking forward to going back down there again soon.  Already been down to Kent Island for a day a couple of months ago, but it was cold and there wasn’t that much to do, so another trip across is in order soon.

Today’s joy:

Watching other videos of train trips.  I’m also looking forward to finally going up to see the Moynihan Train Hall and some other stuff in New York.  I think I’m going to take the Acela Express since I never have in the entire time Amtrak’s been running those trainsets.

A past joy:

The day Amtrak rolled out the Acela Express trainsets, I was working in D.C.  Since I was commuting, I had to go through Union Station.  I made up in my mind that I was going to try to go find an Acela trainset and at least see it.

When I got out to the platform where my MARC express train was sitting, I got something even better.  There was an Acela trainset sitting on the track across the platform from the MARC.  And it was open.  All of the doors were open.  So, peeked in a couple of the cars.  It was every bit as nice as they had made it out to be online.