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Down by the River Again – 21 March 2021

Today’s inspiration:

Springtime in Maryland.

Today’s joy:

Riding around.  Got around to Main Street in Old Ellicott City.  A CSX freight was going up the Old Main Line as we were passing through town.  Turned up River Road, where I hadn’t been too many times since the last time there was a big flood in Ellicott City.  It’s been closed.  Got up and around to Ilchester Road in time to see the train crossing Ilchester Bridge.  

There were a few folks checking out the area.  It looked like CSX was gone from the little space they had at the turn where the road name changes, so folks were walking all around.  It was cool.  There were a few folks parked underneath Ilchester Bridge and normally, I’ll see them climbing up the little hill to get to the tracks and walk onto the bridge.  They got paid a visit by the law as I was driving by.

The bridge from the Ilchester portion of Patapsco Valley State Park is complete.  I need to walk around there.  I want to get back around there on a Saturday and take some pictures.  

A past joy:

Taking pictures of the Patapsco and Ilchester Bridge over there where Ilchester Road becomes River Road.