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WWDC 2016

Not much of interest coming out of WWDC 2016. Now I’m not disappointed that I didn’t get to stream it earlier. No word on any new Macbook Pros, so not sure if I should start saving up.

OS X becomes macOS

Since I don’t own a Mac, neither the name change from OS X to macOS, nor Siri’s impending presence in the OS are really important to me. I hardly use Siri on my iPad as it is.

Hopefully this won’t become an annoyance when I have to ask people if they’ve upgraded their Macs to macOS and they look at me as if I’ve asked the question in Klingon. The folks with whom I might have that interaction do not keep up with tech news, nor do they read this site.

Apple Pay

Don’t use it or any other contactless payments system. Still not sure which one I want to use, but I’m sure it won’t be Apple Pay. I’m not getting an iPhone or Apple Watch anytime soon, if ever, and I’m not about to lug around my iPad to make payments.

Apple Pay is another one of those things that I’d probably use if it were on Android. But it won’t be.

iOS 10

The lock screen updates seem interesting. More like Android. I’ll probably take advantage a lot for news and weather.


Don’t do much with photos either way, so nothing for me here. I like Apple’s current photos app, for what it’s worth.


I’ll still use Google Maps, even on iOS. I quite like Google Maps for iOS.


Nothing I was hoping to hear. Not that I expected it. Gizmodo thinks it’s inevitable for iMessage to open up. We’ll see.

Don’t care about message animations or any of that stuff. Guess I’m not in their target audience.

The rest of iOS

Don’t use Apple Music (Amazon and Google Play) or News (Flipboard), so not interested much in their next versions of those.

Deleting Apps

I guess I’ll delete the Apple pre-installed apps that I don’t use. Their presence has never been much of a bother, so I guess to cut down on the number of screens on my iPad, I’ll go ahead and delete them when I can.

Actually, I’ll probably delete Apple Music and News first.


Don’t own an Apple TV. I’m a Roku guy. Live channels sound cool, though.


Don’t own one. Not buying one.


So far, I’ve been disappointed by both of the major developer conferences. Nothing really much of interest earlier and not only did Google not announce a new Nexus 7 at I/O, they started the countdown on my Chromebook (it’ll still be usable by the end of the year, but won’t be having access to Android apps).

Looks like I’ll be standing pat for a while longer, technology-wise. And that’s all good. I can save up for a while in case someone decides to put out something that I really want.