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NaBloPoMo – Day 21

Day 21

My presentation didn’t suck.  Or at least my coworkers didn’t tell me it did.  They thanked me when I was done.

I was concerned during the week about the content.  My boss and the head of the department whose team I was giving the training to had talked about what should be covered.  We came up with a good list of things, of which I filled in the details, but in the end, the presentation went in a different direction as the team themselves had a lot to say themselves about the system and the processes used to interact with it.

I encouraged everyone to write down notes for ideas for improvement and send them to me.  I don’t know the degree to which their input is welcome in their department, but I want them to know that the IT department welcomes their comments and suggestions.  And critique.

Presenting and training have officially become the best part of my job.  This isn’t any surprise.


Speaking of critique, I’m a week out from the writing workshop and need a writing workshop fix.  I may be addicted.  One of my resolutions for next year will be to do at least one workshop each month or to enroll in a few online classes or something.