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Lights and Horns – 31 March 2021

Today’s Inspiration:

Another really good meditation and journaling session this morning.  

Today’s joy:

Homemade cheeseburgers and quality train content on YouTube.

A past joy:

I keep seeing these videos up of people at arcades.  I’m thinking of being back at arcades on the Jersey Shore.  Ones that aren’t excessively dark with a ton of LCD lights in the games.  Ones without a zillion games that you need a card to play.  I really like those ones with the old video poker machines that used to be inside of casinos.  Ones with Skee-Ball machines that I used to also see back in the 80’s.  With prizes inside of glass doored cabinets lining the entire building.  That’s my kind of arcade, though, I will show up at the more “modern” kind since they’re closer to where I live.