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A Great Pleasure – 10 March 2021

Today’s joy:

Last night, I started rereading Erotique Noire.  A couple of the poems in the first chapter.  Plus, the other day, CTA uploaded new ride-the-rails videos of the CTA Brown Line in the snow.  Good railfan viewing.

Today’s inspiration:

The Delroy Lindo interview towards the end of today’s episode of Keep It! Podcast is so good.  He discussed his process as an actor, working with Spike Lee, working in theatre, especially doing August Wilson plays, and other good stuff.  I should have listened twice.  It was worth listening just to hear him talk about his craft as an actor.

A Past joy:

Sneaking off and reading stuff my mother didn’t want me reading.  Hiding a copy of Erotique Noire under my bed was my version of hiding Playboys, I guess.  That wasn’t the only book I hid under there, though.  Long story.

Erotique Noire.  In my late teens, I first borrowed an older relative’s copy, with their blessing.  I was interested in the subject and I was mature enough to read the content.  I didn’t want to give the book back.  Eventually, when pressed, I did, and bought my own copy of it.

I liked the stories, but the poems were the best part for me.  Some of them inspired me to explore the topic in my own poems.  Well, more than I already had at that time.  I’m starting with the poems as I’m reading it this time.  I may even skip the fiction.  We’ll see.

Listen to Delroy Lindo’s descriptions of some of the events that took place during the filming of “Da 5 Bloods.”  It’ll excite you if you’re into craft and he gives a great glimpse into his performance in that movie.  He even talks about working with Aaliyah and Jet Li in Romeo Must Die.  It’s a really good interview.  I can’t wait until we can gather again for theatre.


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