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Last night on Twitter, I saw the hashtag #30WriteNow come down my timeline. I figured, why not do it? I’d planned on coming back to writing after October 1, from a hiatus. I missed Day 1, but October has 31 days, so that’s no problem.

How it works:

The rules were simple: Every day of October, you write something for 30 minutes or one full page. It could be for your blog, an essay, your novel — doesn’t matter — just write! It’s about commitment, consistency. And for 30 days,* you strive to get it done. No editing or second-guessing what’s on the page, just write. Write now.

It’s a freewrite, so it’s the writing, with no, straight from the dome. If you don’t like reading such things, don’t. This material may also show up elsewhere later. I’ll be participating all October. It’ll be interesting as I have big changes happening in my life. Here goes.