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Returning and Departing – 9 April 2021

Today’s Inspiration:

the boundaries you set










Today’s joy:

Seeing the Dora Milaje in action again. They so thoroughly punked John Walker, to the point where he decided he must take the vial of super serum he’d stolen. If Ayo hadn’t decided to leave the shield with Walker at the end of their fight, it was going to leave with them, having been reclaimed. But, it’s such a great show of their power that the shield, even if you’ve only seen it within the context of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, being wielded as a great weapon, wasn’t even important enough to them to take it with them, if for nothing else, so that Walker couldn’t have it. It’s even bigger if you’ve been following the MCU and know all the backstory of it. It’s probably an even bigger moment if you’ve read the comics, which I have not.

And Ayo literally disarmed Bucky.

I do wonder if no more sight of Zemo and them chasing after him means we’ll see all of them in one of the last couple of episodes or on another show or in a movie.

Today’s joy also included this:

DMX: "I've lived a good life."
















A past joy:

Seeing Black Panther in the theatre. Obviously, it was a really good movie, but I had a hilarious moment on the way into the theatre. There was was this sista sitting on the first row of the theatre with the biggest Popeye’s spread I’ve ever seen. She had to have dared anybody say something to her because she had all her food, dipping sauces, everything, out in full view. She was going to enjoy that movie her way.