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Out There While In Here – 6 May 2021

Today’s inspiration:

Just listening to some of the songs from my “feel good” playlist.

Today’s joy:

Watching more of my favorite driving videos.  Noticing how our highways around here don’t have any really huge churches or crosses or porn shops like some of the midwest highways I’ve had the chance to drive in recent times.

A past joy:

Earlier, I was watching a video depicting some of the construction on the I-295/I-76/NJ-42 direct connection project.  I used to love driving through there even in its current, undesirable configuration.  295 south of there is a really nice drive.  I’d describe it as exurban and rural.   A nice change of pace from the Jersey Turnpike and from the megahighway you return to once you’ve crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge.


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