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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 9

1712 words. 15975 words total. No poem. I’m going to be seriously playing catch-up over the weekend. It’s good, though. I just need to take time to sequester myself and get it done.

I started earlier than I did last night, but not as early as I would have preferred. It’s cool, though. I got it done.
What helped today:
Spending some real quality time talking to my mentor. Talking about the future and the different things coming together to make it better. And others telling me how talented they think I am. I appreciate the sentiment and the belief in me.
What I discovered today:
How ready I am to move forward. How do I know? Because there’s a lot of fear. The question is, what is behind that?
What else was good:
Flatbread pizza with turkey pepperoni. Soon, it’ll be something with beef chorizo. Probably some kind of pasta or casserole. That, I’m really looking forward to.