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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 4

1371 words.  8778 total at this point.

I didn’t start until minutes before midnight.  The “what I have to do” that I mentioned yesterday ended up taking all day.  No complaints because I did enjoy myself, but it did also mean not settling in until long after I’d planned to.  But I did get writing done, which is the important thing.  I went for a couple of hours, taking a few breaks to try and keep my mind going.

The plan for tomorrow was to go see some of my folks, but as I said in my newsletter, I’ll probably sequester myself and write all day.

What helped today:

  • Going in Micro Center.  I could have stayed all day.  I only got a screwdriver set to fix my Chromebook, but there were so many other things I wanted.  I liked the price on the Sandisk low-profile flash drives and next time I’m there, I’ll probably get one or two to use for my USB-based Linux installs.
  • A pep talk about my writing.  Very much needed, very much appreciated.
  • Talking about family history.  I take down as much of it as I can, but one of these days, I may need to stick recorders in front of my folks and just have them say everything they can remember.  We’ve lost a lot of people in my family over the years.

What I discovered today:


But I remembered that not journaling first thing in the morning leaves me feeling incomplete throughout the day until it’s done.

What else was good?

I didn’t get to go, but the City Knights vanquished the Poly Engineers in the 129th City-Poly Game.  That makes six straight wins over the parrots and the all-time series is close to being tied.  City Forever.