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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 22

I think tonight’s writing might have been the latest that I’ve done all month.  That contributed to the lower word count.  Plus the fact that the topic, a continuation of the one from the previous two nights, got into some more difficult territory, so to say.  Tomorrow might be bumpy, but it’s going to still be.  And I’m still on track.  

Today’s output: 1261 words.  That brings me to 45422 words total.  Average words per day: 2064.  4578 words to go.  Average words per day needed to reach 50000: 575.  

What helped today:

Taking a couple of naps early.

What I discovered today:

I might have be seeing the undoing of a formerly great city.  A front row seat.

What else was good:

I got good sleep last night.