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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 21

Wrote late, again.  I made an honest effort to write earlier, but I ended up having to make some trips around town and then rest some before I could even try to sit down and bang some words out.  But, bang I did.  

Today’s output: 2287 words.  That brings me to 44161 words total.  Average words per day: 2102.  5839 words to go.  Average words per day needed to reach 50000: 648.  I might be done by the end of the work week.  Not that I’m going to stop writing that day.  I do plan to continue writing through November 30, even if I’m not working on this specific project.

What helped today:

Somehow getting a burst of energy from sitting down here at my Chromebook and working.  That, and I was working on a continuation of the essay from Day 20.  I didn’t have to think about where to start.  That’s often a tough thing.

What I discovered today:

I started hiding very young.

What else was good:

My morning reading was good, as was my journaling.  And I ended up listening to a really good spiritual lesson on podcast while driving.  It helped immensely with keeping my mood up and in some ways, helped to set the stage for this evening’s writing.

Writer, et. al.