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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 2

Day 2 did not go nearly as smoothly as Day 1 did, but I got a good chunk of writing done.

In the early evening, I struggled with staying focused.  I knew what I wanted to write about, but it was hard making the transition from working on things for my day job to the writing ahead.  Plus, I was expecting to have a call about some other projects I have going, but that was postponed until tomorrow.  This was the main struggle of the day, just getting myself out of one mode and into another.  Maybe I’ll dress up in khakis and a polo shirt while I do IT tomorrow and then change into sweats when it comes writing time.

I got the poem prompt in the early evening, but sat on that a couple of hours, writing the poem just before starting on a new essay.  I wasn’t thrilled with the first effort of the poem, but what are garbage drafts for anyway?  After I got started on the essay, I managed to crank out 3645 words in about an hour and a half.  Combined, that brings me to 6117 words in total.  Hey, if I can crank out 3900 words tomorrow, I’ll be at 10000.  I’ll just need to do that five more times to get to 50k.  As I said yesterday, just making it to 50000 words in the time frame is an accomplishment.  I reminded myself this morning that I didn’t need to get to 50k today or in fact to 1667 words today.  I just needed to get to the computer and start.  Hey, I should become a writing coach.

The writing today turned out to be not too bad.  Certainly needs some work, but I think I’ve given myself something to work with when I hit the editing table, with this particular piece.

What I discovered today:

I can work on my other, more immediately serious projects while working on this NaNo book.  And I can do this while working my day job.

What helped today:

  • Starting another writing project.  I’m writing some thoughts about my Chromebook’s SSD dying.  That and journaling helped to get me into a writing groove.
  • Listening to a lot of Jazz all evening.  Hard Bop, to be specific.  Listening to some Sonny Rollins as I write this.
  • Receiving some good feedback from people reading my newsletter, the latest issue of which, I sent out yesterday.   I’m grateful for the support and kind words.

Am I beginning my annual baseball withdrawal?

I already have scoped out the 2018 O’s and Mets schedules for when they play each other and I’m anxious to put plans in place.  So, I guess I am.