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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 18

First, thank you to everybody who liked my Day 17 post.  I appreciate it.

Today’s output:  0 words.  I remain at 36778 words total.  Average words per day: 2043.

I woke up in the afternoon after being up most of the night writing.  Most of these NaNoWriMo posts have gone out hours after I actually write them.  I was asleep when the Day 17 post went out.  Most days, I’m working the 9-5 at the time that the post goes out.  Last night, I was up until about 3:15 or so, writing.  I went and got some food, then came back and wrote the Day 17 post.  I didn’t finish writing activities until just about 4:30.  I didn’t get to sleep until almost 6.  Didn’t wake up until about 1:30.  Didn’t really get going until almost 3.  The day dragged on and I watched some TV and played some Destiny.  By mid-evening, I decided to just consider it a day off.  Sometimes, you need to rest and that means creatively.  So, I did.  I might not have, had I not been so close to the overall finish line; had I not felt I might be able to do a two sessions on a couple of days to make up for the day.  So, today, I just let it be.  Tomorrow is another day.

What helped today:

Just deciding that I’d chill.

What I discovered today:

I feel okay with not writing.  I didn’t used to on some days.  I must feel good because I’m admitting that I took a day to not write.  

What else was good:

Found a huge reading pillow I’m going to treat myself to at some point.  When I have that, I will be more comfortable writing in the living room and not at my desk.  Sometimes, I want to stretch out when writing and right now, I need to use too many regular pillows to get truly comfortable.