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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 12

1716 words. 20015 words total.  A little under an hour.  Not bad.  Especially since I started pretty late, after having chatted and played some Destiny.

What helped today:

Chatting with my homeboy gave me the inspiration for the essay I went on to write.

What I discovered today:

I can write tired, but I shouldn’t make a habit out of it.  I didn’t end up feeling bad, but I do wonder how much better I could have done had I written earlier.

What else was good:

Squeezy fruit.  And the SSD for my Chromebook was delivered around 7:30.  So, I went and picked it up, came back, put it and the rest of the Chromebook’s guts back inside.  Fired up the Chromebook and it recovered.  Success.  I’ve been letting it just sit and run since then.  The last time I thought I’d recovered it, I was working one minute and then the next, I see it asking again for a recovery disk.  So, to be sure that the new SSD held up and there wasn’t some larger issue that may have caused the previous SSD to fail, I’ve just been letting it sit.  I’ll do the same for some time tomorrow and after that, if all goes well, I’ll slip it back into its place in my workflow.