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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 11

1055 words. 18299 words total. The subject matter got to me around 950 words. Plus, my lower back began hurting. Also, it was Saturday night and I’m sure that 12 hours after I post this, I’ll have another 2000 words to add. I’ll be over 20000 words. That, or I’m sure I’ll have eaten some more squeezy fruit. I can pretty much guarantee the latter.

What helped today:

Nothing, really.

What I discovered today:

Environment helps me with my writing. And I really hope it helps tomorrow, as my average words per day has slipped just below 1667.

What else was good:

My Chromebook should be fixed by the time I kick out these new words. At least I hope so. Amazon texted and emailed me and told me that the new SSD was late arriving. They never texted me again to tell me it was delivered, so it’s out there in the world, waiting to power my machine. Hopefully it’s delivered by the time I’m ready to pick it up. I still plan to use my netbook to write, though.