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Isolation Easter Dinner

easter dinner plate
Isolation Easter dinner 2020

Not the most ideal circumstances for Easter, for Easter dinner, probably anywhere. Didn’t have enough garlic powder and was not about to go out and get any. Mac and cheese didn’t come out as well as it normally does on like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I forgot a couple of ingredients in the meatloaf and had to add them, mix it all together, and re-form the loaf in the pan.

But in the end, I’m still really grateful. I had food to cook and eat and it still came out well, even if it wasn’t my best. I’ve seen so many tweets from people saying a parent or another relative had passed away due to the virus and I have not had that happen. For what it’s worth, I’m able to communicate with people on social media and this website. Next time, I’ll express more of my gratitude by going and getting a proper light before taking any food pics.