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Instagram Fake (July 2020)

Guess I must be famous, or about to be famous, because I have a fake Instagram account named after me. Somebody copied the content from my Twitter profile and put it into their own account, minus the link to this site or to my Keybase profile, obviously. Doing so would have immediately outed themselves as BS. This kind of thing is the main reason why I still maintain my Keybase profile.

Fake instagram account
Not my Instagram name.

While I’m flattered that somebody would take the time, I must point out that the account @directkesschristopher is a fake. I’ve reported them for impersonating me.

For future reference, if you don’t see an account listed at Keybase or on this site saying it’s me, it’s not me. Reach out to me if you have your suspicions. There’s a page on this site for doing that. Or you can go to one of my legit social media accounts, which are listed on my Keybase profile and on this site.

If you go to their account, feel free to remind them that using someone’s picture on the Internet doesn’t prove you’re them. Also, if you’re going to try to impersonate somebody from Baltimore, post something from Baltimore in your fake account. Makes no damn sense.

Thanks to account @thefakefollowersofghostoflsp for the heads up.

22 July 2020 UPDATE: The account appears to have been removed.