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Goodson: Not Guilty on All Charges

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I pretty much figured this was coming when the judge admonished the prosecution on their conduct concerning evidence.

What now?

If the State could not secure a conviction on the most serious charges against any of the officers, what does this mean for the trials for the rest of them?

What does this mean for Marilyn Mosby? There’s talk that she should drop the charges against the rest of the officers, that getting a conviction against them may be harder now; there’s even talk online that she should resign.

And what does this mean for the community, the neighborhoods, the City? At this hour, there is protest outside the courthouse, born of all of the hurt and fear and anger from the relationship of the police and the criminal justice system to people in Baltimore. How will this be addressed? Will it be addressed?

Presumptive mayoral-elect Catherine Pugh has already issued a statement, but what will she do as the City’s next leader, in the wake of this verdict and the others?