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Five Things – 27 April 2016


Catherine Pugh won the Democratic primary for Mayor of Baltimore. So, it’s very likely she’s going to be the next mayor. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is already pledging to work with her to make the transition go well.

Deray didn’t get many votes, but hopefully the long-term effect of his candidacy is the involvement of more of Baltimore’s youth in the political process as well as other means of change and empowerment. Baltimore must find ways to include more people in its growth and prosperity. It can’t just be concentrated in Southeast Baltimore without the same sort of unrest we saw last year happening again.

I was happy to see my old classmate, Elizabeth Embry, polled at 12%. Given that this was her first time running and that she didn’t have the same recognition coming in as Ms. Pugh and Ms. Dixon, she did really well. I think she could win in a future run at the office if she stays visible. 12% might not seem like much, but Ms. Dixon had people waiting to vote for again at the time she left office the last time. To do well against that kind of support is really impressive, especially in Baltimore.


On the anniversary of last year’s unrest/uprising, Baltimore police shoot a 13-year old with a BB gun.


Tomorrow night is round 1 of the NFL Draft 2016. I’m still unsure who the Ravens will pick, but I’m fairly certain the first pick will be made in current slot and it will be a defensive player.

One thing I am 100% sure of: I’m glad I’m not a Browns fan. Or an Eagles fan. Two things.


Lifting again. It’s fun and I feel good after, but I miss the old days, lifting in Mr. Scott’s back yard. Lifting in the weight room at school. I’m going to write more about this one of these days.


The writing is going really well in the class, still. Unfortunately, this is the last week. I’m going to miss being in such an environment, but the class has given me lots of material to build on and means to develop more and keep myself going. I’m going to do another bootcamp when I can.