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Five Things – 26 November 2015

Five Things – 26 November 2015


This came out …

2. Another video came out, too. Except this one depicted real violence — real, heartless, inhumane violence.

16 shots.

16 shots to a child.

16 shots to a child not posing a threat.

16 shots to a child walking away.

Shots to a child already down on the ground.

Then left to lay there and bleed out.

Never lunged.

Never punctured a tire.

Never given a chance.

The saddest part is that there may never have been a chance for justice had people not pressed for the video to come out.

And people shot protestors in Minneapolis the night before the Chicago video came out.


It’s now unfathomable how bad this Ravens season has been.

And we won this game.

At least Ed got the sendoff he deserved:

Matt Schaub will take over the offense on Monday night vs. the Browns. Jimmy Clausen, signed during the week, will back him up. Looks like Buck Allen and Towson’s Terrance West will get the chance to show what they can do.

What a season.


Fall finale for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was excellent.

I wasn’t as happy for the Blacklist finale. Didn’t like the killing of Reven Wright. I wonder if they have a device that the person in that job will always somehow end up getting killed.

Didn’t like Dembe being arrested with Liz.  He was held captive by the Cabal and now he’s captured by the F.B.I.  He can’t catch a break this season and they had a good, little thing going at the start with the daughter and granddaughter.

Aram came across like a 5th grader whose crush ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with another boy during lunchtime. I know Aram isn’t a main character, but his keeping Samar’s secret to the detriment of his feelings would have been more interesting than his running to Ressler and selling out Samar and Liz because he was hurt. Not saying he had to be Agent Fitz, but still. (Iain de Caesteker and Elizabeth Henstridge have both done some great work depicting this love triangle without the third party actually there.)  Samar’s going to be alright, though.  I haven’t forgotten that Red got her that job in the first place


Be nice to your local retail workers this holiday season. And if you find a Patti Pie in the store, let me know somehow.