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Five Things – 23 October 2015


The Mets are going to the World Series and they celebrated with a massive bottle of champagne.

Last time, they created a beer slip-n-slide.

If they win the championship, will someone perhaps drive in a truck with a pool full of booze in it that the players can just bathe in it?

Still, though, the whole thing got lit pretty quickly last night without anything so ridiculous.  During an interview with Tyler Clippard, the holder of the massive champagne bottle insisted on pouring some into Clippard’s mouth, as well as Daniel Murphy’s mouth, as he stood slightly off camera.  I guess not wanting to mar the celebratory atmosphere on camera, they both drank.  And just before the camera cut, Murphy spit his out.  They need to get these interviews done more quickly during these celebrations or something.

I do wish they’d had this massive bottle that time Chris Bosh doused himself with champagne when the Heat won.  You remember that.


I love the email conversation my sister and I are engaged in.  Part of me wishes we could move the discussion into handwritten letters, but people here can’t even read my handwriting (In case you’re one of my old teachers from my K-12 years, the legibility issue with my handwriting apparently has not improved).


Black Poetry Day occurred since the last time I did a five things.

I haven’t written a poem in a good while, a couple of months or so.  I haven’t had a regular poetry writing practice in a much longer time.  I sometimes feel like poetry is a vestige of my youth, something I can look back on and find pride in the successes and lessons in the many failures.  It’s a craft I really did my best to learn and enjoyed what one could do with a poem, but still something that was “way back when.”

And then I’ll sit down do one of the writing prompts from the Poetic Asides blog (sometimes I might even submit) and I’ll remember what it felt like when I first began trying.  No pressure, no critique, just me and thoughts and a little bit of craft.

Sometimes I want to learn more about prose poems to try and split the difference.

That’s a great read linked above about the view of black poetry in professional poetry circles.  Definitely sentiments I’ve heard during the years.  Nothing new, unfortunately.


This will have taken a little over 12 hours to finish from the time I started it.  I really need to find a better place to write for a few minutes during the day on weekdays.


My thoughts and prayers are with her.  As someone told me online earlier, there’s no worse feeling than burying a child.