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Five Things – 12 November 2015

Five Things – 12 November 2015


With everything going on over the last few days out in Missouri, this feels apt



One of my old classmates from school, is running for Mayor of Baltimore.  Looking forward to seeing the details of her platform, but she did say some good general things outside of City.


I like the Bills all-red uniforms.  I’m probably in the minority there.  I always seem to be when it comes to these different NFL and MLB uniforms.  I wish the Ravens would wear their all-blacks more often.  I wish the O’s would wear their oranges (and wear orange over orange sometimes) and blacks more often, too.


The other day, the CEO at my job came over to my desk and asked me to help him get Dragon onto his MacBook.  I suggested he try Dragon on his iPad.  It was already there and therefore, free.  As it turns out, he did just that and had dumped his copy into Google Docs.  When I saw him this morning, he was asking how to get it into the office system to put it in Word to edit it.

He says he’s writing a book, but doesn’t have the time.  I wonder if he knows he may have stumbled into the solution to his “no time” problem.  I heard last week there’s a book by a guy who dictates and puts out 5000 words a day.  At that rate, he’s probably writing 2-3 books a month.  If you don’t have time or if your interest is quantity, there you go.

I always wondered if it was cheating if you’re dictating while really able to type.  It’s being discussed here:

I’m not there yet.  I like using Scrivener for Windows and Writebox for ChromeOS.


Writing bootcamp this weekend.  I had a great time at the last one and I’m anticipating the same this time.  It’s worth it to be in the room with writers at varying stages — the workshop leader(s) who is/are already published, young, hungry writers, and even some of us older ones in different times of our careers.

I love being in the room, the energy.  I love the writing without expectation except practice; the things that people in the group wrote last time were exceptional.  I was blown away.  I want to go to one of the readings soon, too.

I want to get into a regularly meeting class, soon.