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Five Things – 12 May 2016


Ahhh yes. O’s are on a 5-game winning streak with a nice come-from-behind win at home vs. the Tigers. Those games vs. the Twins were really fun to watch.


So much for the DH. Mets pitchers are mashing.


Disappointed that Agent Carter got cancelled.

As much as I enjoy the MCU movies and TV shows that take place in the current day, I enjoyed seeing Carter take on the bad guys without helicarriers, Quinjets, teams of super smart scientists, and powered people around to help.

Plus I very much enjoyed the Dr. Wilkes character.

ABC didn’t pick up the Bobbi and Hunter spinoff, either. Hopefully, they’ll show back up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fortunately, Supergirl got picked up for CW. It should have been there from the beginning.


Shocking development: Scrivener for iOS has moved into beta testing. They first announced this app a few years ago and writers –myself included– have been waiting. The wait might be over by the summer.

I still use Scrivener for Windows for this blog and my other writing projects. That and Google Drive, since there isn’t any Scrivener for ChromeOS.

However, they are talking about an Android version in the future …

… and with Android and ChromeOS possibly converging soon, who knows what the future holds with writing on my Chromebook.


And people are still driving up to it towards the end of the video.

Before they took Weather Channel off the cable, Storm Chasers was a major guilty pleasure. If you’re into big storms and tech porn, that’s the show for you. They’d load up in these vehicles –sometimes specially fortified vehicles– with cameras, laptops, sometimes tablets, and head out.

They’d use GPS to go find tornadoes, sometimes going between states to get the shot to sell to Weather Channel and whoever else buys those pictures. One episode, they got too close and were debating hanging out in a fast food restaurant freezer.

And that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t ever do that. As much as I’d love to drive around with a laptop (and probably also a tablet) mounted in the car and maybe get pictures from a mile or so away, what’s depicted in that video is way too intense. It takes a different breed of person to get that close to a killer storm on purpose. Same for the storm chasing scientists who work the same way. And for the pilots and meteorologists who fly into tropical cyclones on purpose.