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Back From Outer Space

I guess after not posting for a month, posting today would seem like a late April Fool’s joke. No such intent. No, I just took an unscheduled break from blogging and some of my other writing.

Call it writer’s block or not, depending on whether you believe in it or you don’t, sometimes a writer can go through a rough or fallow patch and output dwindles. For one reason or another.

Fortunately, my online class started this past Monday and I’ve been writing like mad since last week. One big thing I’ve learned about myself is I write well under deadline. I’ve also regained more of the sense of fun I used to have writing. I even managed to scrawl a couple of fresh, first draft poems.

I’ve also journalled more this past week than usual. I had been confining my journalling to first thing in the morning. Now, I’m writing in my journal in the evenings and at work when I’m taking a lunch break. Which is good because my writing is a small slice of nirvana in the work-a-day cycle I’m in.

Five (other) things since I’ve last posted:


It’s baseball season again. Thank God. O’s won this evening on a walk-off single by Matt Wieters. If he keeps it up, he may get that $30M contract for the Yankees this fall after all.

Opening night with the Mets wasn’t as good. In fact, it was like the World Series never ended. It had all the elements:

  1. A Mets fielding error that leads to a run(s)
  2. Harvey struggling immediately after the error
  3. Met inability to hit Royals pitching
  4. Mets coming back to within one run late
  5. Royals winning in the end

Thor will be back on the mound tomorrow, so hopefully there will be a better outcome. And if not, it’s all good. The Mets will open their 2016 home campaign vs. the Phillies this weekend.


Read a really good article just today about Oriole Park at Camden Yards, with pictures of some of the early renditions of the ballpark. They were tossing around the idea for a multipurpose stadium at Port Covington as well other ideas. One of those is from the 70s. Wonder how things would have gone had they built that multipurpose stadium.

I am happy with the stadium(s) we ended up getting; unfortunately, the processes to get them done were painful for a lot of sports fans.


I’ve been watching college basketball, still. Not as much since the Maryland women got upset by Washington and the men ran into the Jayhawks, though.

I am getting sick of these Kansas/Kansas City teams beating my favorite teams. Royals will host the O’s in a few weeks. Hoping for the right outcome, the outcome of the birds winning.


Looks like the mayoral race back home has become a two-person race between Sheila Dixon and Catherine Pugh. I expected Dixon to have a larger lead this close to the primary with Pugh still in 2nd. It may come down to the wire. Deray is around but in the pack with the others. He undoubtedly has access to a lot of money, but Ms. Dixon, for certain, started off with more people.

The general election should be far less interesting. Part of me hopes that one or two of the people in the Democratic primary decide to make a go as an independent in the general election.


I’ve been accepted to a writers’ conference later this summer. Still have applications out for two more.