Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 20

Wrote late, again.  What else is new?  I think I’d like to break this habit soon and write around 5:30 one of these days before the end of the month.  But I’m almost 3 weeks in, so this habit might already be set and to get out of it, I’d have to start from day 1 with another habit.  Or so, I hear. Today’s output: 2569 words.  That brings me to 41874 words total.  Average words per day: 2094.  8126 words to go.  Average words per day needed to reach 50000: 813.  I’m staring down the finish line. What helped today: =&0=& Writing about a familiar subject, poetry.  How I came to poetry, how it became part of my life.  I didn’t get to the part where poetry lost its place in my life and, to be sure, I lost my poetry, but I may work on that tomorrow or next month.  The words came pretty quickly.  And I remembered some really good people and times.

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