Google Drive and Takeout: A Backup-Sync Odyssey

A few weeks ago, I came across a tool from Google I hadn’t encountered before, Google Takeout. Takeout allows you to download a backup of your Google data. You can get much of the data you generate when using Google including your Gmail inbox and the data I was interested in, Google Drive. I believe in having multiple backups and while Google Drive can function in this manner, it’s never bad to have backups of your backup. Read More

App Review: Google Duo

Three or so years or so ago, my father asked me if I’d be interested in joining in a group video chat on Oovoo. He’d seen one of his grandchildren using it, become interested and wanted to host a multiperson video chat. I agreed, because why not?, set up my iPad 2 in the dining room and joined him and several other folks for a multi-state, multi-generational, multi-platform video chat. Read More